Parking information at and near the SEAS campus

Public Parking

Public parking is available at metered spots on Oxford Street or Massachusetts Ave.

Parking Pass

To purchase a one-day Harvard parking pass for Harvard-owned garages and lots, contact Harvard University Parking Services, 1350 Massachusetts Ave., Holyoke Center, 8th floor, (617) 495-3772.

Faculty & Staff Parking

SEAS faculty or staff with parking needs should contact Harvard University Parking Services. You will fill out a parking application form, which is available on the University Parking Services website. 

There is a restricted supply of staff parking spots; requests are often placed on a waiting list.

Graduate Student Parking

SEAS graduate students with parking needs should call or visit Harvard University Parking Services at 1350 Massachusetts Ave., Holyoke Center, 8th floor, (617) 495-3772.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.  Students need to bring a photo I.D., proof of vehicle registration under student’s or parent’s name, and proof of driver’s insurance under student’s name.

Visitor Parking

To obtain reserved parking for visitors or special events submit a request by email to In your message, include the name/description of event, time and date, how many vehicles are expected, preferred parking location, and contact information. 

(You can also provide this information on a form available at University Parking Services. Click on “transportation services,” then “parking services,” then the link for “special events.”) The events coordinator will respond to your request with information on space availability and parking rates. 

Please send your query about reserved parking to Parking Services at least two weeks before your event; requests sent without sufficient notice will be subject to additional charges.

More Parking Information

Parking policies at Harvard are the responsibility of the Harvard University Parking Services, 5-3772. For detailed parking information, please visit the Parking Services website at, (click on “transportation services”).