Committee on Higher Degrees

The Committee on Higher Degrees at SEAS establishes academic policies for all graduate programs. Please see the PDF below for detailed information about these academic policies.

In addition, below you will find an addendum to the CHD document which discusses Ph.D. financial aid and funding policies.

Meeting Times

The Committee on Higher Degrees will meet to review program plans throughout the Fall and Spring terms. Please submit program plans or petitions that you would like considered by the deadline listed below. The Office of Academic Programs cannot guarantee that plans submitted after the deadline will be reviewed at the next meeting. Specific spring semester dates will be made available at the end of the Fall term.  (2016-2017 dates will be updated for 2017-2018 as available.)

SEPTEMBER 8/14/17 9/7/17  
OCTOBER 9/26/16 10/17/16 G2: Final PhD Program Plan
DECEMBER 11/21/16 12/12/16  
JANUARY  1/9/16 1/27/17  
MARCH (AP + ES) 2/20/17 3/13/17 G1: Prospective PhD Program Plan
MARCH (AM + CS) 3/13/17 4/2/17 G1: Prospective PhD Program Plan
APRIL 4/10/17 5/1/17 Newly Admitted AB/SM students: SM Program Plan

Questions regarding the CHD can be directed to the Office of Academic Programs or an appropriate Director of Graduate Studies.

Director of Graduate Studies/Chair of the Committee on Higher Degrees:

  • Applied Physics: Federico Capasso
  • Computer Science: Stuart Shieber
    • If CS students have questions related to the CHD or their program plans, they are welcome to meet with Prof. Shieber during his office hours, TBD (or by appointment).
  • Applied Mathematics: Yiling Chen
  • Engineering Sciences: Fawwaz Habbal
    • Students with questions regarding their ES program plans should first contact John Girash.