Active Learning Labs

Students celebrate their project's success in the Active Learning Labs' "truss crush" competiton.


Our mission is to work with faculty to support the SEAS academic plan and to provide educational excellence throughout all undergraduate teaching labs engineering activities.

The SEAS academic plan emphasizes the need for hands-on engineering experiences and student design projects. The active learning laboratories are expected to take the lead and excel in these student experiences

The Active Learning Labs at SEAS and the related machine shop in the Physics Department support the educational mission of the school by providing students with hands-on experience using state-of-the-art technologies.

While the labs are officially titled "Instructional Laboratories," we are now transitioning from the previously used term "Teaching Labs" to "Active Learning Laboratories".

Green Labs!

The Active Learning Labs are "Green Lab Certified!"

Part of the Active Learning Labs team receiving our Green Lab Certificate. Clockwise from lower left: Jordan Stephens, Dr. Anas Chalah, Andreas Haggerty, Christie Gilliland, Pete Kjeer, Sara Hamel, Avi Uttamchandani.