Accomplishments & Goals

Space Planning & Design

Pam Redfern

Director of Space Planning and Design

(400,000 gsf in 9 buildings)

AY 2014 Accomplishments:

  • Allston campus planning
  • 24 capital projects
  • Continued to meet teaching & research core needs with limited space

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Complete Allston campus programming & design
  • Start Cambridge campus programming & design
  • Create space management policies & guidelines

Educational Outreach

Paul Karoff

Assistant Dean for Communications

Susan Forest

Director of Events

Kathryn Hollar

Director of Educational Programs

AY 2014 Accomplishments:

  • Key support for campaign
  • Improved school web site
  • Raise school visibility via media and events

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Sharpen core SEAS message, including via web site, publications & media outreach
  • Create an alumni communications & engagement program
  • Raise SEAS visibility and sense of community through events
  • Support and integrate educational outreach programs
  • Support a successful visiting committee visit and report


Gabriele Fariello

Assistant Dean for Computing and CIO

AY 2014 Accomplishments: 

  • Assessed & created computing organization structure, including HUIT
  • Recruited computing professionals
  • Created short-term spending plan
  • Launched PI dashboard

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Create a strategic plan, including research computing
  • Formalize and implement at teaching support strategy
  • Continue to optimize operations and mitigate security with HUIT 
  • Prioritize and execute information management application development projects 
  • Create polices and guidelines to better manage resource

Data Security & Risk Management,

Tim Doyle

Associate Dean for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Indir Avdagic

Director of Information Security and Risk Management

Don Claflin

Facilities Manager

$122M school operating budget

FY 2014 Accomplishments:

  • Created financial planning model
  • Launched Resource Advisory Committee
  • Developed revenue sharing model for terminal masters programs 
  • Implemented new financial organization structure
  • Created school local emergency management plan and business continuity plans
  • Clarified CNS financial model

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Develop improved financial reporting tools
  • Further reduce green house gas emissions

Human Resources

Steve Marley

Director of Human Resources

AY 2014 Accomplishments:

  • Staff metric report
  • Launched ePerformance

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Launch SEAS Leads, a leadership & management development program
  • Fully implement ePerformance

Research Administration

Carleen Brunelli

Associate Dean for Research Administration

200+ grants submitted AY14, 
40% grants awarded AY 13, $70M+ AY14

AY 2014 Accomplishments:

  • Aligned office with areas and into pre & post award

 AY 2015 Goals:

  • Post award improvements 
  • Funding opportunities development & tools