SEAS Leads

This SEAS-specific leadership development program was started with the objective of wanting to create a program that further develops leaders that create and/or enhance a culture that:

  • Aligns our goals and work to the SEAS vision and priorities—focus
  • Sets clear expectations and manages performance—accountability and recognition
  • Encourages high involvement/community engagement that:
    • Fosters trust in senior leadership and ongoing change
    • Strives for transparency
    • Empowers staff to influence how they do their work
    • Is faculty and student focused, while being professionally managed
    • Reinforces a learning environment where constructive feedback is encouraged
    • Insists on an environment where all are treated with respect and dignity
  • Develops a diversified staff and prepares those with interest and potential for future leadership roles.

SEAS Mentoring Program Draft

SEAS Leads Keynote Event: Dr. Nannerl Keohane

2014/2015 Program Participants

  • Carleen Brunelli
  • Anas Chalah
  • Krissy Day
  • Tim Doyle
  • Tim Fater
  • Eliza Grinnell
  • Matt Gruber
  • David Hwang
  • Nater Jorde
  • Paul Karoff
  • Jill Larson
  • Steve Marley
  • Mike McKenna
  • Nadija Mujagic
  • Pam Redfern
  • Diane Schneeberger
  • Arlene Stevens