Academic Leadership


Interim Dean Harry R. Lewis manages new faculty recruitment and faculty relations (authorizes faculty searches; directs and approves promotion reviews; approves special appointments); leads strategic planning for SEAS (vision; financial needs; represents SEAS to other Harvard University deans, as well as the President and Provost); coordinates fundraising and alumni relations; determines and implements educational, research, and administrative goals.

Harry R. Lewis
Interim Dean, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Gordon McKay Professor of Computer Science

Assistant: Moriah Freeman

Area Deans

Area Deans are a clear single point of responsibility for each academic concentration (existing and proposed) and are responsible for mentoring tenure-track faculty and for the oversight of Area-related searches, reviews, and promotions.

Michael Brenner
Area Dean for Applied Mathematics

Area Director: Arlene Stevens

Eric Mazur
Area Dean for Applied Physics

Area Director: Jill Larson

Rob Howe
Area Dean for Bioengineering

Area Director: Arlene Stevens


David Parkes
Area Dean for Computer Science

Area Director: Meg Hastings

Vahid Tarokh
Area Dean for Electrical Engineering

Area Director: Meg Hastings

Dan Schrag
Area Dean for Environmental Science and Engineering (with Steve Wofsy)

Area Director: Jill Larson

Zhigang Suo
Area Dean for Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering

Area Director: Arlene Stevens

Steve Wofsy
Area Dean for Environmental Science and Engineering (with Dan Schrag)

Area Director: Jill Larson

Executive Management

Executive Dean for Administration

G. Timothy Bowman
Pierce Hall 216B
(617) 495-7969

Assistant: Jiwon Ma



Executive Dean for Education and Research

Fawwaz HabbalFawwaz Habbal
Pierce Hall 219
(617) 384-9355

Assistant: Pamela Wong 

Assistant Dean for Communications

Paul Karoff
20 University Road
(617) 496-0450



Steering Committee

  • Harry R. Lewis, Interim Dean (Chair)
  • Michael Brenner, Applied Mathematics
  • Eric Mazur, Applied Physics
  • Rob Howe, Bioengineering
  • David Parkes, Computer Science
  • Vahid Tarokh, Electrical Engineering
  • Steven Wofsy, Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Zhigang Suo, Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
  • Tim Bowman, Executive Dean
  • Fawwaz Habbal, Executive Dean
  • Dan Schrag, Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Diane Schneeberger, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs