SEAS Industry Partnerships

As a school of engineering and applied sciences situated within a great research and liberal arts university, an essential part of our mission is the translation of technology to benefit society. Our faculty address complex, real-world challenges and develop applications for critical areas of societal need such as bioengineering, new materials, computation, energy and environmental systems.  SEAS has many significant collaborations with industrial partners that are long-term multi-researcher interactions, which emphasize a real exchange of information and learning on both sides of the engagement. 

Avenues to engage with industry: 

SEAS offers numerous avenues for engagement, including research collaborations, industry sponsored research, outreach workshops and seminars, technical discussions with faculty and researchers, commercialization opportunities with Harvard generated IP, and student recruitment opportunities.

How we engage:

SEAS has many significant collaborations with industrial partners that are long-term multi-researcher interactions, which emphasize a real exchange of information and learning on both sides of the engagement. In addition to funding research, many of our industrial partners regularly visit the Harvard campus to work together with academic researchers.

Our Center for Nanoscale Systems offers state of the art research facilities with open access to industry partners to leading-edge tools, instrumentation, fabrication, synthesis characterization, design and simulation

Benefits to Harvard and to our partners: 

Students  benefit from early exposure to industry, and our partners raise their visibility and recruiting opportunities for all levels of Harvard students

Our interactions with industry ensure the most relevant and emerging research problems are aligned with the research focus of our faculty and such real world problems link to the educational topics in the undergraduate curriculum as well. 

How can I, my company, or foundation get involved?

If you are interested in: Go to: Contact:
Learning about individual faculty research interests and support research faculty in your area of interest See our faculty listing


Supporting faculty, students, and facilities through a broad University-level partnership Contact our University levelOffice for Technology Development   

Alan Gordon

Director of Business Development
Learning about entrepreneurship opportunities with SEAS Students Visit the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard Paul Bottino
Executive Director, TECH 
Attending or sponsoring an industry-focused workshop Visit our workshop area Keith Karasek / Julia Lee
Making a corporate or foundational gift Giving to SEAS on this website  
Licensing specific technologies Contact the Office for Technology Development Alan Gordon Director of Business Development
Collaborating with a research initiative See our research centers The director of the research center
Making an individual gift to SEAS (as an alum or supporter) Giving to SEAS on this website  

How can I engage with SEAS students?

Winter and summer Internships

Connect with some of Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ best and brightest students during January term period between fall and spring semesters. January 'externships' pairs SEAS students with companies aligned with our educational fields for job shadowing and unpaid intern opportunities over January term.

Summer internships also provide an excellent opportunity to connect companies and students through mutually enriching experiences in the field.
We are seeking companies who would like to host student internships in variety of professional fields relevant to engineering and the applied sciences, including: mechanical engineering, bioengineering, energy and environmental systems, materials and applied physics. The goals of the internship should be to:
            - Provide hands-on experience to students in their field;
            - Increase awareness of their company or research; and
            - Build mutually satisfying and long-lasting mentoring relationships

For more information on opportunities, please contact Keith Karasek (

Recruit on Campus
Each fall and spring, Harvard hosts employers looking to interview entry-level candidates for jobs and internships. The On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) serves as a liaison between students and recruiters. We inform students of visit dates, deadlines, and information meetings through our web site and our on-line recruiting system.

Career Fairs
The Career Forum is an important opportunity for you to increase your visibility on Harvard's campus. The Forum attended by over 2,000 Harvard undergraduates, graduate students, and recent graduates each year.

Job Postings
Our school works closely with the University-wide Office of Career Services, which hosts the Harvard job postings database. For more information about posting opportunities, contact Anthony Arcieri, at 617-496.4531, or post a job online.