Graduate Student Data

Graduate Enrollment (Fall 2015)

  • Master's  85
  • Ph.D.  352


  • Applied Mathematics: 30 PhD's, 6 Master's
  • Applied Physics: 123 PhD's, 1 Master's
  • Computational Science and Engineering: 60 Master's
  • Computer Science: 61 PhD's, 12 Master's
  • Engineering Sciences: 138 PhD's, 6 Master's


  • Women: 25%
  • Men: 75%

Degree Completion

  • Median years to complete degree: 6
  • Percent of students who graduate within 8 years: 83+%

Graduate Admissions Data (Fall 2016)

For the class of graduate students entering in Fall 2016, SEAS received more than 2400 applications across all Ph.D. and master's programs and admitted about 10 percent of applicants. For enrolled students across all Ph.D. and master's programs, average undergraduate GPA s were over 3.8 (on a 4.0 scale), average GRE quantitative scores were within the 90-95th percentiles, and average GRE verbal scores were within the 75-80th percentiles.  Due to the interdisciplinary nature of SEAS, students come with a variety of undergraduate majors. Common undergraduate majors include computer science, engineering (mechanical, bio, electrical, chemical, etc.), mathematics, physics, and chemistry.