If you store important school-related files on your local hard drive, please back those files up to your SEAS network home or group directory. In the case that your hard drive breaks, you will want to be able to restore your files from our servers. The files on our servers are also backed up regularly as an additional layer of data protection. You can backup your personal files to your home directory. Files that you would like to share with your group can be backed up to your group directory.

It's possible to recover lost files if ever files are mistakenly deleted from your home or group directories.

Accessing your network files

A quick overview of the SEAS network file servers and requirements to connect.

  • A SEAS Windows account is required to authenticate to our file servers.
  • For instruction on off-campus access to these servers see Networking.


There are the two servers running home  the directories at SEAS.

If you're not sure which folder is your home folder, please ask someone in your group or contact SEAS IT Service Desk at 617-495-7777 (


Accessing the vfilers requires a SEAS Windows account.

vfiler0 hosts most of the SEAS home directories while vfiler1 hosts most of the EECS home directories.

Group folders

Research group folders have been moved to FAS RC and you can find more info about them here

Administrative group folders are in the process of being moved to sharepoint

Accessing your files from Windows

Accessing your files from Mac OS X and Linux

Recovering your lost files

Recover your lost files or folders, if they were mistakenly deleted from your home or group directories.