Neel Joshi

Neel Joshi

  • Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Neel Joshi works at the interface between synthetic chemistry, biology, and materials science. He plans to use his research background in protein chemistry and polymeric materials synthesis to develop new methods for controlling the spatial and temporal arrangement of self-assembling systems.

His research program is focused in two areas:

  • controlling peptide sequence and connectivity to create fibrous structures whose composition can be precisely programmed at the nanometer-size scale; and
  • evolving self-assembling proteins, such as nanocages, so that their assembly state can be controlled by binding to biomolecular stimuli. The new bionanomaterials that result from these efforts will be applied to tackle problems at the forefront of medical imaging, tissue engineering, and drug delivery.

Joshi, who has authored 11 publications and holds two patents, is also a member of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

He completed his postdoctoral research with Prof. Mark Grinstaff at Boston University synthesizing dendrimeric macromolecules for use as scaffolds in cartilage tissue engineering and developing new contrast agents capable of assessing the health of cartilage tissue using computed tomography (CT).

His graduate research in Organic Chemistry was conducted under the guidance of Prof. Matt Francis at UC Berkeley, and focused on developing new tools for site-selective protein modification. While at Berkeley, he developed two innovative chemical transformations that permit the attachment of various functional components to tyrosyl residues on protein surfaces and the N-terminus of proteins.

These new modification techniques represent significant achievements in the fields of bioconjugation and protein-based nanomaterials construction, and have resulted in useful strategies to conjugate proteins to fluorescent tracking probes, polymers, and purification tags.

He received his B.S. from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, Ca.

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Office:322A Pierce Hall
Office Phone:(617) 496-5973
Lab Location:CLSB 5th Floor 3 Blackfan Circle
Lab Phone:(617) 432-7085
Assistant:Jessa S. Piaia
Assistant Office:Pierce Hall 310
Assistant Phone:617-496-9676

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Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Patents Awarded

Neel Joshi has authored 11 publications and holds two patents.