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Martin Group, November 5, 2012

(left-to-right): Scot Martin, Mikinori Kuwata, Suzane Simoes, Adam Bateman, Irina Herdlinger-Blatt, Mackenzie Smith, Yingjun Liu, Julianna Braun, Yue Zhang, Pengfei Liu. Absent: Vinicius Machado, Ying Liu, Helene Belassein. History...

"Professor Martin and his group are currently working on several problems of environmental chemistry and technology. An important focus is on the connections among biological emissions in the Amazon Basin, the formation of particles from those emissions, and the ability of those particles to influence cloud formation (e.g., biological-climate connections and feedbacks mediated by chemistry). They complement this work on the chemistry and processes of atmospheric particles using the Harvard Environmental Chamber."

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