AM & Economics

Here we summarize the requirements for Applied Math concentration with specialization in Economics.  These requirements are made and continuously updated in cooperation with the Economics Department. 

For the five classes in the Application section, we require

  • Economics 1011a (1010a can be accepted but is not preferred)
  • Economics 1011b
  • Economics 1126, Statistics 111, or Statistics 186
  • Two other classes in economics, to be chosen from the following list (updated every year in consultation with the Economics Department.  Graduate level economics courses may also be counted.):

Please note: We do not give concentration credit for the less mathematical classes 1010b or 1123.

Allowed Economics Courses for 2016-2017

Note: Courses approved in 2016-2017 will count for the Classes of 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Department Number Course Title
SOST 98 The Economics of Education
STAT 123 Applied Quantitative Finance
STAT 170 Quantitative Analysis of Capital Markets
ECON 980b Education in the Economy
ECON 980o Measuring and Modeling Social Networks
ECON 980s The Historical Origins of Middle East Economic Development
ECON 980u Immigration Economics
ECON 980w Policy Options in Health and Environmental Economics
ECON 980x Economics of Work and Family
ECON 980z Behavioral Finance
ECON 980aa Rise of Asia and the World Econ
ECON 980cc Market Imperfections and Rationales for Government Intervention
ECON 980dd Globalization and Inequality
ECON 980ee The Behavioral Economics of Poverty and Development
ECON 1030 Psychology and Economics
ECON 1050 Strategy, Conflict, and Cooperation
ECON 1057 Game Theory with Applications to Social Behavior
ECON 1058 Experimental Economics
ECON 1410 Public Economics
ECON 1420 American Economic Policy
ECON 1415 Analytic Frameworks for Policy
ECON 1490 Growth and Crisis in the World
ECON 1535 International Trade and Investment
ECON 1544 Foundations of International
ECON 1545 International Financial and Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 1640 Industrial Organization: Theory and Applications
ECON 1723 Capital Markets
ECON 1745 Corporate Finance
ECON 1759 The Financial System...
ECON 1818 Economics of Discontinuous Change
Econ 1936 Keynes































Allowed Economics Courses for 2015-2016

Note: Courses approved in 2015-2016 will count for the Classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Stat 123

Econ 1460 The Economics of Healthcare Policy

Econ 1816 Race in America