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Advising Programs Office

This Harvard College Advising Programs Office is charged with coordinating, supporting, and facilitating academic advising programs for all undergraduates and, as such, works with students, faculty, the Freshman Dean's Office, the Houses and other Harvard College and FAS offices on all aspects of pre-concentration and concentration advising.

Upcoming Opening Days Events:

SEAS Advising Fair for Freshmen: Friday, August 26th 2016 12:10-1:30pm in Maxwell Dworkin Lobby. Come and meet the Directors and Assistant Directors of Studies for Applied Math, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. At the fair, faculty advisors and current students mingle with interested freshmen to answer questions about course selection, degree options, career paths and much more. Lunch will be served at this event (catered by boloco burritos).

Co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies: Please check the websites of Prof. Chong and Prof. Gortler for current office hours or email

Sophomore Advising

As a student enters the concentration he or she receives a faculty advisor from the Computer Science faculty. Note: This applies to all sophomores, even those declaring their concentration early.

Guidelines and Requirements

Requirements: A link to the guidelines for the concentration as published in the Harvard College Handbook for Students. Also see Planning, Degrees, and Courses.

Plan of Study Form

Students intending to declare the CS concentration must submit a CS plan of study form. Prior to graduation, seniors must update the form to ensure CS concentration requirements have been fulfilled. In both cases, students should fill out the form in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice format and email it to for verification.

CS 91r Form

Students wishing to take a CS 91r must follow the instructions on the form below to get approval from your research advisor and the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) to enroll in the course. (The DUS is the official instructor for CS91r, not your research advisor.)

Petition Form

Use this form to request concentration credit for cross-registered courses and other exceptions to the concentration rules.


Professors Stephen Chong and Steven J. Gortler
Co-Directors of Undergrad Studies, Computer Science

Kathy Lovell
Undergraduate Academic Programs Administrator