Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering

A Foundational Education With the Flexibility to Pursue Your Interests

Harvard University’s graduate programs in computational science and engineering (CSE) offer an exciting and rapidly evolving curriculum that is equally balanced between computer science, applied math and statistics.  

Housed within the Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS), the CSE master’s and secondary field programs focus on computational and data science principles that are important across disciplines.  Students are trained to solve real-world problems and conduct innovative research by using mathematical models, algorithms, systems innovations and statistical tools. Project-based courses provide practical experience in leadership development and collaborative problem solving.

The curriculum is comprised of:

·     a core of four courses in Applied Math and Computer Science provide a foundational knowledge that is essential to the program

·     an evolving menu of elective courses offered throughout Harvard’s vibrant collaborative environment provide students the flexibility to explore topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data visualization which can be applied to many fields, including quantitative finance, computational biology or electronic commerce

·     workshops and short courses that support continuous exchange of ideas and mastery of computational and data science tools and techniques