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Child Care on the Allston Campus

A new child care space has recently opened at 114 Western Avenue, adjacent to the upcoming Science and Engineering Complex (SEC) and across the street from the Harvard Innovation Labs and Harvard Business School (HBS).

This new facility is currently serving as swing space for the Soldiers Field Park Children's Center (SFPCC) while their building is being renovated.


Date Info
January 2020 - August/September 2021 SFPCC will operate at 114 Western Avenue
August/September 2021 SFPCC will move back to newly renovation space at Soldiers Field Park
  New program will open at 114 Western Avenue, adding approx. 80 new spots and doubling child care capacity on Harvard's Allston Campus

Who is eligible to apply

Both SFPCC and the new program will follow the university-wide tier system for enrollment, which is described on the Harvard Employee Human Resources website.

Families wishing to enroll at SFPCC while it operates at 114 Western Avenue from January 2020 through August 2021 should apply to Soldiers Field Park Children's Center. Families wishing to enroll in the new program beginning in September 2021 will be able to apply via the universal application beginning in September 2020.

In late winter 2021, as SFPCC prepares to move back to Soldiers Field Park, families will be asked whether they choose to join SFPCC as that community moves back to its newly renovated home, or whether they choose to stay at 114 Western Avenue and form the kernel of the new program. Families will need to finalize that decision by March 2022 so both programs know how many spots they have to offer to incoming families.

About Soldiers Field Park Children’s Center (SFPCC)

SFPCC was founded in 1976 as the first child care center on Harvard’s Allston campus. Today, it serves 70+ families from around the university, with parents who work nearby at HBS, across the river in Cambridge and on the Harvard Longwood Campus. SFPCC’s mission is to create an enriching, educational environment in which every child in their care will learn, thrive and grow. From infancy to preschool, through open discourse between professional educators and families, SFPCC strives to put mchildren’s individual needs before all else while fostering wonder, opportunity and joy in learning.

About the new program

The new program (which has yet to be named) will serve ~80 children, from ages 2 months to 5 years, in eight classrooms. CCC’s philosophy is one based in relationships. This new program will benefit from the experience of the six existing centers in relationship with one another in order to share our best ideas and learn from our experience. Teachers will partner with parents to provide a safe, joyful and enriching environment for children. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early education, the program’s curriculum will be realized through a process of observation, reflection and documentation of children’s work, drawing on information and feedback from parents, teachers, and the children themselves in the process.

About Campus Child Care

In 2017, as the university prepared to create a new child care space, Harvard conducted a formal process, enlisting faculty, staff, and student representatives to define the parameters of the new children’s center and then to select the organization that would operate the program. Campus Child Care, an independent, nonprofit organization born out of the merger of the six child care centers that have operated on Harvard’s campuses for more than 50 years, was awarded the contract. This ensures a smooth and seamless transition between the two programs as they transition through 114 Western.This new program will benefit from the sisterhood of the six existing centers in relationship with one another in order to share the best ideas and learn from experience.

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