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To gain access to the Active Learning Labs, students must complete a yearly general lab safety training along with any lab specific training. For instance, to gain access to Pierce G12b (machine shop) a student must take the Active Learning Labs General Lab Safety Training offered at the beginning of the semester PLUS the G12b Machine Shop Training. These trainings are good for one academic year and must be repeated in the fall of each year or whenever access to the labs is requested. All members must also take the Harvard General Lab Safety Training found here:

List of rooms that require yearly safety training:


  • G6a (Also requires CNC Shop Training)
  • G7a
  • G7b/c (Also requires Environmental Lab Safety Training)
  • G9
  • G11
  • G12b (Also requires Machine Shop Safety Training)
  • G13a
  • G13b (Also requires Materials Lab Safety Training)
  • G16a/b/c (Also requires Bio Labs Safety Training)
  • G17 (Also requires Bio Labs Safety Training)

Maxwell Dworkin

  • G114
  • G135
  • B112
  • B121
  • B123
  • B127

For access to the Bio and Enviornmental Labs, email For access to the Mechanical Labs or the G12a computer room, email For access to the Electrical labs, email


Safety Training

General Lab Safety

Active Learning Labs General Safety Training

Harvard EH&S Lab Safety Training

Bio Lab Safety


Environmental Lab Safety


Electrical Lab Safety


Mechanical Lab Safety

CNC Shop Safety (Pierce G6)

Machine Shop Safety (Pierce G12b)

Laser Cutter Safety


Instructional Documents

Mastercam with Solidworks basic instructions

3D Printing Instructions