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Allston SEC: MCB Core User Fees

  Harvard Internal rates ($) * Harvard affiliate rates ($) **
Cell Analyzer - Aurora 24/hr 36/hr
Cryostat  25/hr 37.50/hr
GC-MS  38/hr 57/hr
GPC  18.50/hr 27.75/hr
HPLC - analytical  16/hr 24/hr
HPLC - purification  16/hr 24/hr
Imager - Licor Odyssey  24/hr 36/hr
BSCs and TC Incubators free free
IVIS-Spectrum Perkin Elmer  25/hr 37.50/hr
LC-MS  35/hr 52.50/hr
Lyophilizer - Labconco  25 per use 37.50 per use
Microscope - Evos free free
Plate Reader - BioTek  2/hr 3/hr
Rotary Evaporator - Heidolph  25 per use 37.50 per use
rt-PCR 96-well - BioRad  8/hr 12/hr
rt-PCR 384-well - BioRad  8/hr 12/hr
Spectrophotometer - NanoDrop free free
UV-VIS - Agilent  10/hr 15/hr
Dry Ice  2.49/pound 3.74/pound


* Harvard Internal rates = users with Harvard 33-digit billing codes

** Harvard affiliate rates = users without a 33-digit code, who pay by PO, with "Harvard" in their email address.


Updated: 2021 April 8