Arrivals and Departures, July 2014

Comings and goings at SEAS

Sam Hagman began working as a Software Developer in Computing on May 27.

Sara Wenzel joined SEAS on June 2 as an Education Outreach Coordinator, supporting Kathryn Hollar.

David Lopez began working as a Faculty Coordinator, reporting to Meg Hastings, on June 9.

Julia Lee joined SEAS on June 30 as Executive Director for Education and Research, reporting to Fawwaz Habbal. This is a six-month term appointment.

Christ Richmond and Donal Holland are joining us as visiting lecturers in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Sciences, respectively.

Sheila Coveney will join SEAS on July 7 as Program Manager for the Institute for Applied Computational Science.

Nora McDonald has been hired as a Floating Faculty Coordinator, reporting to Arlene Stevens. Her first day was June 30. Nora replaces Shannon Cardillo, Floating Faculty Assistant, who left on June 30 to relocate out of the area.

Stacia Zatsiorsky joined SEAS on June 20 as Administrative Manager for Research. She replaces Xiomara Forbez, who has left SEAS to begin a Ph.D. program at UC Riverside.

Jackie Stenson, Engineering Design Specialist, left SEAS on June 15 to work for a start-up in India.

Mykal Dortch, Senior Systems Engineer in the Computing Office, will be leaving SEAS on July 15 to move to Paris.