Alumni Stories

  • Managing smooth operations at global razor brand

    With dozens of component manufacturing facilities spread around the globe, Gillette’s supply chain requires razor-sharp attention to detail. Keeping production running smoothly is the job of Jeff Allen, S.B. ’06, Gillette global program manager at Procter and Gamble.

  • Entrepreneur uses technology to guide patients through the health care system

    As the son of anti-apartheid activists in South Africa, Joe Kahn learned about the importance of service to others from an early age.

  • Data scientist battles abusive behavior on Twitter

    More than 336 million active Twitter users (a number slightly larger than the entire U.S. population) send hundreds of millions of tweets every single day.

  • Remediation engineer gives new life to contaminated sites

    Many would dismiss the scraggly, knee-high grass and rusted shells of former processing facilities that are scattered across an abandoned industrial site as nothing more than a blighted eyesore.

  • Making autonomous vehicles a little more human

    Autonomous vehicles have a problem. Without a human driver behind the wheel, a self-driving car could miss some of the subtle and subjective nuances from pedestrians that enable motorists to avoid potentially fatal accidents.