What do SEAS alumni go on to do?

Everything and anything.

Our graduates have gone on to take positions at some of the finest research institutions in the world, including: Ben Gurion University (Israel), Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Cornell University, MIT, National University of Singapore, Princeton University, University of California–Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of Sydney (Australia), University of Virginia, and right here at Harvard.

Those pursuing careers in industry and government have worked for technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, and Pixar; policy and research organizations such as the National Institutes of Health; the World Bank, the Gates Foundation, and banking and investment firms like Citigroup and Goldman Sachs; and environmental consulting groups like Boston-based CDM.

Others have become entrepreneurs, starting companies such as Zappos, Tacit Knowledge Systems, and SupplyWorks, Inc. In fact, some of the most well-known companies in the world were started by Harvard graduates—for example, Electronic Arts, 3Com, Sun Microsystems, and Microsoft.

Some Notable Alumni

From bakers to animation makers to 21st century shoe salesmen, SEAS alumni continually redefine what it means to be an engineer.

  • John Armstrong A.B. ’56, Ph.D. ’61, former Vice President for Science and Technology, IBM; member, National Science Board
  • Steve Ballmer A.B. ’77, former CEO, Microsoft Corporation
  • Leo Beranek Ph.D. (S.D. ’40), HBS A.M.P. ’65, former President of BBN Technologies, National Medal of Science recipient
  • Hynd Bouhia Ph.D. ’98, Director, Casablanca Stock Exchange
  • Fred Brooks Ph.D. ’56, Turing Award recipient, Kenan Professor of Computer Science at UNC, best known for managing the development of OS/360
  • Joanne Chang A.B. ’91, Founder, Flour Bakery + Cafe and the Boston restaurant Myers + Chang
  • R. Martin Chavez A.B. ’85, S.M. ’85, CIO, Goldman Sachs
  • George David A.B. ’64, former Chairman and CEO, United Technologies
  • Shaun Donovan A.B. ’87, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
  • Danielle Feinberg A.B. ’96, Technical Director, Pixar Animation Studios
  • Victor Fung Ph.D. ’71, Chairman, Li and Fung Ltd.
  • Bill Gates LLD ’07, Co-Founder and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation
  • Paul Graham Ph.D. ’90, programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist, known for his work on Lisp; Co-Founder, Viaweb (now the Yahoo! Store web system)
  • Trip Hawkins A.B. ’76, Founder, Electronic Arts, 3DO, and Digital Chocolate
  • Martha Heitzmann Ph.D. ’97, Senior Executive Vice President of Research and Innovation, Areva Group
  • Tony Hsieh A.B. ’95, Founder, Zappos.com
  • George Joseph S.B. ’49, Chairman, Mercury General
  • Joe Marks Ph.D. ’91, Vice President of R&D, Disney Animation Studios
  • Bob Metcalfe Ph.D. ’73, University of Texas Austin, Polaris Partners, National Medal of Technology recipient, co-inventor of the Ethernet
  • Ali Partovi A.B. ’94, CEO, iLike
  • Hadi Partovi A.B. ’94, Senior Vice President, MySpace
  • Choon Fong Shih Ph.D. ’73, President, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
  • Allen E. Puckett S.B. ’39, S.M. ’41, former Chairman, Hughes Aircraft Corp., National Medal of Science recipient
  • Dennis Ritchie A.B. ’63, A.M. ’65, inventor of the C programming language and co-developer of the UNIX operating system; Turing Award and National Medal of Technology recipient
  • Craig Silverstein A.B. ’94, Director of Technology, Google
  • Alfred Spector A.B. ’76, Vice President of Research and Special Initiatives, Google
  • Guy Steele A.B. ’75, Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
  • Alan Taub Ph.D. ’79, Vice President of Global Research and Development, General Motors
  • Stephanie Wilson S.B. ’88, NASA Astronaut
  • Daniel Yates A.B. ’99, CEO, Positive Energy