Innovation & entrepreneurship

Start-ups are part of Harvard's history and its current culture.

Microsoft, Facebook, and a dozen other innovative ideas came to light in the wee, dark hours at Harvard.

Networking is easy.

From free mini-MBA seminars to working with faculty members who have founded their own companies to summer internship opportunities at companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and McKinsey Co., engineering and applied sciences students have many avenues for on-the-job training before they graduate.

Feel free to come up with the next great big idea. We are here to help.

Right on campus, budding entrepreneurs can get a boost from the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard (TECH), the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-Lab), and the emerging Translation Lab. In addition, SEAS offers a course for students seeking actual experience as a founder of a startup, Engineering Sciences 95r: Startup R&D.

These initiatives provide courses and one-on-one consulting for students interested in exploring idea generation and technology transfer.

Global experiences are easy to find.

We also encourage real-world (and off-campus) experiences. Engineering students have been awarded, among others, Weissman scholarships, which enable participants to live and work across the globe.

Moreover, as cultural literacy has become increasingly critical for science and engineering, we’ve made it easier for even S.B. students to have experiences abroad.

Your education is more than just about classes and clubs.

In addition to coming up with the next Great Big Idea, we encourage you to heed the advice of a Harvard graduate and now faculty member: “Think of your freedom of choice—of what courses to take, of how to spend your Sunday afternoons, whatever—as a commodity that is precious in and of itself.”

What are some recent student-based endeavors?

Planetary Health Watch

Aggregating social media data to streamline environmental hazard reporting


Developing life-saving emergency intubation sensors


Utilizing sensor technology to prevent infant deaths in hot cars


Empowering individuals to escape debt and poverty through the use of technology


Curing HIV and blood cancer with the push of a button

Dotacle Technologies

Developing low-cost pinhole glasses to improve eyesight among world's poorest


Creating a sense of place with a community-focused real estate technology platform

Where can I find out more?