Financial Planning and Analysis


To foster a transparent and collaborative culture in our approach to providing sound financial planning and thoughtful analysis that supports strategic decision-making and tells the financial story of SEAS.


The office is comprised of four team members:

  • Peter Giordano, Director
  • Alex Minder, Financial Analyst

  • Julia Summers, Financial Analyst

  • Katelyn Federico, Institutional Research Analyst

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Multi-year financial plan (MYFP)

  • Tuition, enrollment, and financial aid (TEFA)

  • Annual budget & quarterly forecast

  • Capital plan

  • Management reporting

  • Analysis and modeling to support strategic decision-making

  • Gift planning

  • Data management and control

  • Ad hoc financial support to staff who have budget ownership

FY18 Goals

  1. Provide accurate and timely financial and data reporting by leveraging tools such as SharePoint.

  2. Create a roadshow calendar that leverages existing meeting venues in order to better educate and inform the community about SEAS’ financial story.

  3. Build relationships with other schools and departments on campus in order to gain a better understanding of how other groups manage similar activities; specifically, FAS TFO, FAS Division of Science, Wyss, HBS, and central administrative groups.

  4. Identify and implement process improvements related to the budget / forecast process, gift planning, chart of accounts structure, and standardization of reports and metrics in order to improve speed and accuracy, while also reducing redundant efforts.

  5. Increase ownership at local levels by meeting with individuals to educate them on what we do, and the tools available to them.

  6. Use the FP&A lunches as a way to seek input and feedback on how we’re doing as a group, to learn more about what the individual does, and how we might better support them in the future.