SPECIAL SEMINAR: Rapid 3D BioPrinting: an Enabling Technology for Microphysiological Systems

20 Apr
Topics in Bioengineering
Shaochen Chen (UCSD)
Friday, April 20, 2018 -
11:30am to 12:30pm
Cruft 309

In this talk, I will present our laboratory’s recent research efforts in rapid continuous projection 3D bioprinting to create 3D scaffolds and tissue constructs using a variety of biomaterials. These 3D biomaterials are functionalized with precise control of micro-architecture, mechanical (e.g. stiffness and Poisson’s ratio), chemical, and biological properties [1]. Design, fabrication, and experimental results will be discussed. Such functional biomaterials allow us to investigate cell-microenvironment interactions at nano- and micro-scales in response to integrated physical and chemical stimuli. From these fundamental studies we can create both in vitro and in vivo microphysiological systems such as a human liver tissue for tissue regeneration, disease modeling, and drug discovery [2]. To vascularize these engineered tissues, we have also developed a prevascularization strategy by using the rapid 3D bioprinting method [3]. Multiple cell types mimicking the native vascular cell composition were encapsulated directly into hydrogels with precisely controlled distribution.