Let's Talk: Promoting the Success and Well-being of Asian & Asian American Students

24 Mar
Saturday, March 24, 2018 -
9:30am to 5:00pm
HGSE, Askwith Hall, 13 Appian Way, Cambridge, MA 02138

Let’s Talk! is an opportunity for Pan-Asian college students and other key stakeholders to explore ways of promoting both the success AND well-being of Asian and Asian-American college students. This year's conference is focused on understanding mental health-related issues as experienced by college students.

Pan-Asian youth today face a variety of stressful situations, ranging from social and familial pressures to an increasingly rigorous and competitive academic system. Furthermore, students who experience intergenerational conflicts in the home have an increased risk for psychological difficulties.

Developing students’ positive social and emotional outlook through open discussions on well-being and mental health exponentially increases levels of success in their future lives. Studies have shown that students who receive quality social and emotional support have the potential for improved attitudes and behaviors, greater academic success, and reduced levels of emotional distress. Additionally, students who feel “listened to” by their peers are even more motivated and perform better in school when compared to those who lack these positive relationships.

During the conference, attendees will also have the opportunity to attend breakout sessions addressing a variety of Pan-Asian mental health-related issues. Please preview the breakout session topics here. During the registration process, you will be asked to choose two of the breakout sessions that interest you the most.


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