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Broadband chiral metasurface holograms

By revisiting a historical method of holography and combining it with metasurfaces, Khorasaninejad, Ambrosio, and colleagues in our group have demonstrated broadband chiral meta-holograms with high efficiency. Encoded by the chirality of light, these meta-holograms can enhance security measures for credit and identification cards. In addition, the small footprint and planar geometry of these devices are promising for emerging applications such as wearable optics and 3D displays.

This work was published in Science Advances, and was profiled by Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Broadband and chiral binary dielectric meta-holograms – M. Khorasaninejad, A. Ambrosio, P. Kanhaiya, F. Capasso. Science Advances 2, 5 (2016)