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Flat Lens for Visible Wavelengths

Despite tremendous interest in planar lenses in the visible spectrum, there has been no solution that simultaneously satisfies the demands for high numerical aperture (NA) and efficiency, let alone for high end imaging applications. We introduce a breakthrough solution for this problem using titanium dioxide-based metasurfaces.

This novel process only requires single step lithography and is amenable to large scale fabrication. Meta-lenses with a NA=0.8 are demonstrated at red, green and blue (RGB) wavelengths with high efficiency. We also compare the performance of the meta-lenses to a commercially available state-of-the-art objective with the same NA. The meta-lenses demonstrate superior focusing capabilities and comparable image quality with sub-wavelength resolution.

The subject of this research is the cover of the June 3rd Issue of Science.


Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad, Wei Ting Chen, Robert C. Devlin, Jaewon Oh, Alexander Y. Zhu, Federico Capasso “Metalenses at visible wavelengths: Diffraction-limited focusing and subwavelength resolution imaging”, 352, 1190 (2016)

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