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Network metamaterials with functional connectivity featured on the cover of Advanced Optical Materials

In a traditional sense, optical metamaterials are formed from nanostructured “meta-atoms” with a defined unit cell. This imposes harsh fabrication constraints that hamper the ability to massively scale metamaterial-based devices. We consider a new class of metamaterials, network metamaterials, which take a different approach. In a network metamaterial, the structure is itself is instead random, fabricated using a simple wet chemistry-based dealloying process. The nodes of the network, however, possess functional connectivity with each node acting as its own dipole resonator. The ways in which these are interconnected dictate the optical properties of the metamaterial.

This work was featured on the March 3, 2017 cover of Advanced Optical Materials.


Henning Galinski, Andrea Fratalocchi, Max Doebli, and Federico Capasso, Adv. Opt. Mat. 5, 1600580 (2017)