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Seeking graduate student to join ongoing project in the measurement of sub-femtonewton forces in fluid.


Student would join a small collaboration in the Capasso lab working on the calculation and measurement of exotic forces arising from light-matter interactions in nanoscale systems. We have spent the past few years building up a system capable of performing force spectroscopy, in water and at room temperature, orders of magnitude more sensitive than current standards. The graduate student would join at an ideal time to perform successive, ground-breaking experiments. Near-term application is plentiful for microfluidic sorting and switching in lab-on-a-chip systems. Down the road, we hope to find collaborators for achieving in vivo measurements of biological processes.


Candidate should have strong background in experimental physics. He/she should be comfortable with basic programming and data analysis. Familiarity with experimental optics is preferred but not required if the student is motivated to learn. If interested, please send your detailed CV to Prof Federico Capasso (capasso@seas).


Posted January 24,2016

Exciting post-doc and research position opportunity at Harvard’s Capasso Group in collaboration with the top Singapore research institute SIMTech

Prof. Federico Capasso of Harvard University and Dr Ying Zhang of SIMTech have set up a basic research program in the areas of nanophotonics, plamonics, metamaterials, and mid-infrared photonics. The successful candidates after an initial orientation period of 6 months at SIMTech, will join Capasso’s group for two years of postdoctoral research, with commitment to spend after that at least an additional two years as staff scientists in SIMTech. At SIMTech they will be involved in basic research in nano-photonics with focus in areas of industrial interest.


Please send your detailed CV to Prof Federico Capasso (capasso@seas) and Dr. Ying Zhang (yzhang[at]simtech.a-star.edu.sg) with at least two letters of recommendation.


Posted June 4, 2014