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Posted 1/19/2016
Research Specialist A (73033)
University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Departm - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  -- NOTE – 2 year position


The Broad Institute is looking to recruit a talented graduating senior (or recent graduate) to join our team as a research associate starting in the summer of 2016. The position would be a great fit for a student looking to take two years off prior to medical school or graduate school.

For detailed description, visit and look at / apply to requisition number 2101


Posted 9/9/2015 Full-Time Economics Term Research Assistant

Economics professors David Laibson (Harvard University), Brigitte Madrian (Harvard University), James Choi (Yale University), and John Beshears (Harvard University) employ full-time research assistants with start dates during the summer of 2016. This one-year position entails work on theoretical and empirical research related to decision making, savings, investment, health behaviors, and behavioral economics. The research uses field data, experimental data, and hybrid field experiments.

Research assistants should have an interest in applying to a quantitative Ph.D. program (preferably in economics) and pursuing an academic research career. They must be detail-oriented and have strong programming and quantitative skills, including coursework in multivariable calculus, matrix algebra, probability, and statistics. Those with previous experience estimating econometric models (e.g. OLS, GMM, MSM, MLE) have particular priority in the hiring process. Excellent grades are required.

Your responsibilities will include performing statistical analyses on large databases, designing and running experiments, programming simulations of theoretical models, and proving theoretical results.

For more information, please see the Crimson Careers job posting.