Part-time Positions Listed in SEAS Undergraduate Newsletters

Newsletter Sent Monday, August 12, 2019


Part-time job (or course credit) programming opportunity in Cognitive Science

The Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies needs an undergraduate in Computer Science to automate their procedures.  They are a research lab in Cognitive Science.  They use File Maker, Calendar, gmail, and voice messages to schedule participants for their research.  The process is cumbersome, requires significant training, and still results in numerous errors and an extended learning period.  They would like someone to automate these steps so that the users' job is efficient and simple.

Students may be able to get course credit (probably not CS, but, possibly, in psychology) or work for pay ($12/hr.). (Please let them know if you are eligible for work study.)

The candidate should have excellent programming and automation skills, as well as prior professional experience.  If interested, please contact Nancy Soja,  Send a cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcript.  Additionally, have 2 people send letters of reference, at least 1 from a professional job.