Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Harvard Groups

Posted 12/20/2015

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to participate in experiments in John Assad’s lab at the Department of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School. Our lab uses a variety of experimental approaches to study sensory, motor and cognitive processing in the brain, in both animal models and human subjects. We also have projects ongoing at the Research Imaging Center at Harvard College in Cambridge. Our lab provides an engaging environment with a strong emphasis on training of students. We don’t plan to “plug you into a project”, but rather to find the right fit for your interests, ranging from electrophysiology to fMRI to computational neuroscience.
Some basic background in neuroscience would be helpful, as well as experience with computer programming (especially Matlab) — but we’ll "teach you up” otherwise. Students in many areas or majors are welcome, including neuroscience, biology, computer science, physics and engineering. Expected hours per week will vary with the particular project, but we’ll of course be flexible to accommodate class schedules, etc. We hope that the undergraduate projects can develop into summer research and/or senior theses. Course credits for the research can be arranged through MBB before the start of the winter/spring semester.
Please send a brief resume (or any questions) to jassad@hms.harvard.edu, or call John at 617-432-2804.