Community Emails

Given the high volume of email messages most users encounter each day, we encourage judicious (and limited) use of community-wide announcements.

Community messages are typically reserved for:

  • messages from administrators such as the president and deans
  • major event announcements
  • new hires/departures
  • major SEAS-wide news
  • major policy changes or updates
  • major interruptions (typically facilities-based)
  • emergencies


  • Do not give out SEAS email lists.
  • Non-SEAS community members may not use SEAS-based email lists unless such individuals coordinate directly with the Dean's Office or the Communications Office. Such use is quite rare, and typically limited to individuals such as the Dean of FAS.
  • We do not allow direct use of the lists to other organizations (including other schools/departments within Harvard).
  • Instead of a mass email, consider using the SEAS Intranet or some other vehicle for communicating almost all community-based information.
  • If you receive a community-wide email, never respond directly to the email (as you risk emailing the response to the entire community).
  • The Communications Office will be happy to help you to assess the best vehicle for delivering information to various members of the community.

Sending Community Emails