Multimedia & Photography

Photo Library

The SEAS Communications Office maintains a password protected photo library on Flickr. This is not publicly searchable. Access requests should be made to

In the near future, we will be launching an online photo library using Libris. Stay tuned for more information.

Photo Resources

SEAS Communications Photography

Members of the SEAS Office of Communications frequently photograph faculty, students, events, and courses to accompany scheduled press releases and news articles. Photograph requests for other uses will be considered but are not guarenteed.

Freelance Photographers

Harvard SEAS works with a variety of professional and student photographers. If you'd like a list of preferred partners, please contact us.

Harvard News Office

The Harvard News Office also has an image library. Images may be purchased directly through their website for a small fee.

For events or research that is of interest to the Harvard Gazette, The Harvard News Office may (at their discretion) send one of their on-staff photographers. If you'd like to find out more about appearing the Harvard Gazette, contact us.

Video Library

The SEAS Office of Communications maintains a modest library of stock video on Google Drive, featuring clips of our research, campus, faculty, and students. Contact us for access to this library.

Multimedia Resources

The SEAS Office of Communications encourages members of our community to participate in promoting their own work on social media, on the web, and through direct contact with members of the media.

A variety of web-based tools make multimedia production easier, and add to the visual appeal of the communications. Below is a select list of resources to consider.

Name Website Purpose
Canva Social Media, Web, Print: Design tools & templates
Animoto Social Media: Slide shows for social media
Pablo Social Media: images w/ quotes
Piktochart Infographics
Genially infographics, Interactive multimedia
Infogram Infographics
Headliner Video: Audiograms, Video
Video Blocks Video: Affordable stock video
Audio Blocks Video: Affordable stock video
Motion Array Video: Video plug-ins, templates, & stock video