Managing Your SEAS Web Pages

Are you a faculty member looking for how to create a website for yourself or your group?  Please contact  The following instuctions are for editing official SEAS pages in Drupal on only.

Getting Access

If you have previously edited a site on Plone and no long have access to the site on Drupal, if you are taking over for a site editor, if you need the ability to submit events to the public calendar, or if you need to create a new site for an Area, Office, or Program, please contact the Office of Communications.  Have your HUID ready.

Prior to being given access to the site you will need to schedule one on one training. This training session will take about an hour and can be done at your desk.

For event-submission only we do not require training, but if you want a walkthrough it takes only 10 minutes and can also be done at your desk.

Training must be completed before access can be granted.

Logging In

To log in to the SEAS Drupal site, visit:

Log in with your HUID or Harvard Key (LDAP SEAS logins are still available, but will be going away soon).

When you log in you will be presented with a list of all the groups you are a member of, a sidebar of basic content actions, and information about your account.