Access your home directory (OS X)

Your home directory is where you may be storing files or where an old roaming profile (contents of your windows desktop and my documents) are stored on our networked file servers. This is how to connect in MacOS

  • Click the Go menu then click Connect to Server... OR hold down the Apple/Command key and press K.

  • In the Server Address field, type:

      smb://<username> (if your home directory is on //vfiler0)

          smb://<username> (if your home directory is on //vfiler1)

  • Make sure you replace "<username>" with your actual SEAS username. For example if your e-mail address is, then your SEAS username is simply johndoe.
  • Click Connect.
  • You should be prompted for a username and password.


    Enter your SEAS account password.
  • Click Connect.
  • If your password does not work, please call the Service Desk at 617-495-7777 and ask to reset your SEAS Windows account password. Or send an email to
  • If you are able to login successfully, you will see all the files and folders contained in your home directory.