Web Services

SEAS, in collaboration with Harvard University IT, offers solutions for creating personal or group websites, wikis, and course websites.

If you want a seas domain for your site see: Requesting a seas.harvard.edu domain name for your site

SEAS Computing may be able to help you set up a new website, or consult with you on migrating content from another hosting service. Contact ithelp@harvard.edu for more information.


Options for setting up a personal or group website

Course websites

Updating an existing faculty, group, or class website

Options for setting up a personal or group website 

1. Open Scholar

Open Scholar is Harvard's official web hosting platform, maintained by the Harvard Web Publishing Group (HWP) and built on Drupal.


  • (self-service) free for Harvard current faculty, researchers, academic departments, centers, and programs. You may have a site up and running in a small amount of time by choosing one of the existing themes and entering your content yourself. For more on how to set up your free site visit OpenScholar Getting Started

  • (for-fee) HWP also offers professional web design services to assist in creating sites and migrating content. For more information visit HWP Professional Services.


For any questions contact ithelp@harvard.edu.

2. Harvard Wiki

HUIT provides wiki hosting built on the Confluence platform at wiki.harvard.edu. To create a new Wiki, contact the Academic Technology Group (ATG) at atg@fas.harvard.edu.

For help configuring your Wiki, see the user documentation, which includes instructions on changing permissions to view and edit content.

3. Harvard Google Sites

Google Apps for Harvard provides a suite of online tools for collaboration and communication, for use in teaching, learning and research. Google Sites allows for creating simple websites that are accessible within the g.harvard domain.

Course Websites 

Harvard uses Canvas for course websites. It is managed by the FAS Academic Technology Group, which provides a number of other tools for the classroom. For help with setting up your Canvas site please contact atg@fas.harvard.edu

Updating an existing faculty, group, or class website 

If you already have a website hosted in the seas.harvard.edu domain see: Update an existing faculty, group, or class website. We encourage you to migrate your site to one of the above platforms. Although we do our best to keep these existing sites running, we do not guarantee uptime or offer 24/7 support.

For existing EECS websites see: Update an existing EECS website