CSCI E-120 Schedule

A work in progress, being revised constantly

Day Date Topic Slides Homework
Tu 1/24 Introduction Intro  
Th 1/26 Pigeonhole, Proofs Pigeonhole, Proofs  
Tu 1/31 Well Ordering Principle WOP HW A (tex, pdf)
Th 2/2 Propositional logic Logic  
Tu 2/7 Equivalences and Normal Forms Normal Forms HW B (tex, pdf)
2/9 Logic and computers, Quantificational logic Logic and Computers, Quantificational Logic HW C (tex, pdf)
Tu 2/14 Sets Sets HW D (tex, pdf)
Th 2/16 Relations and functions, Uncountable sets Relations HW E (tex, pdf)
F 2/17 Test 1   HW F (tex, pdf)
Tu 2/21 No class    
Th 2/23 Uncountable sets Uncountable sets HW G (tex, pdf)
Tu 2/28 Induction, strong induction Induction, strong induction HW H (tex, pdf)
Th 3/1 Structural Induction Structural Induction HW I (tex, pdf)
Tu 3/6 States and Invariants Invariants HW J (tex, pdf)
Th 3/8 Digraphs, Graphs and Relations Digraphs, Graphs and relations HW K (tex, pdf)
M-F 3/12-3/15 Spring break    
Tu 3/20 Catch up and review   HW L (tex, pdf)
Th 3/22 Undirected graphs, connectivity Graphs, connectivity  
F 3/23 Test 2    
Tu 3/27 Growth rates of functions Growth rates HW M (tex, pdf)
Th 3/29 Basic counting Counting HW N (tex, pdf)
Tu 4/3 Catch up day   HW O (tex, pdf)
Th 4/5 Counting subsets Counting subsets HW P (HomeworkP.tex, pdf)
Tu 4/10 Basic probability Probability HW Q (tex, pdf)
Th 4/12 Conditional probability, Bayes Theorem Conditional, Bayes HW R (tex, pdf)
Tu 4/17 Random variables, expectation Random HW S (tex, pdf)
Th 4/19 Statistics, series Statistics, Series HW T (tex, pdf)
Tu 4/24 Recurrences Recurrences HW U (tex, pdf)
Th 4/26 Fast arithmetic, Public key crypto   HW V (tex,pdf)
Tu 5/1 Review    
Sat 5/5, 3-5pm FINAL EXAMINATION Emerson Hall 106