CS 252r: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages

NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.

Lec. Date Topic Readings Notes
1Tue 2-Sep Introduction Steve.
2Thu 4-Sep Coding standards Steve.
Mobile Apps
3Tue 9-Sep Steve.
4Thu 11-Sep Andrew.
5Tue 16-Sep Dan K.
6Thu 18-Sep David.
7Tue 23-Sep Steve.
8Thu 25-Sep Guest speaker: Willard Rafnsson
9Tue 30-Sep Christos
10Thu 2-Oct Lucas.
11Tue 7-Oct No class
12Thu 9-Oct Anitha.
Project proposals due
Distributed Apps
13Tue 14-Oct Lucas.
14Thu 16-Oct David
15Tue 21-Oct No class
16Thu 23-Oct Class rescheduled: 4pm Tuesday Oct 28
  • Discussion of PDA analysis
David + Dan.
17Tue 28-Oct Anitha
18Thu 30-Oct Scott.
Web Apps
19Tue 4-Nov Christos
20Thu 6-Nov Dan.
Program Analysis
21Tue 11-Nov
  • Introduction to Abstract Interpretation
22Thu 13-Nov
  • Workshoping a research idea
Class Outing
23Tue 18-Nov
24Thu 20-Nov
25Tue 25-Nov Project presentations
Thanksgiving Recess
26Tue 2-Dec No class
Wed 10-Dec Projects due