CS 252r: Advanced Topics in Programming Languages

Class project

The primary component of assessment in this course is the class project. The goal of the final project is to develop a deep understanding in one or more of the areas studied in this course, and, ideally, to conduct original research. You may (and are encouraged to) work together in groups of up to three students.

Starting the week of Monday 14 September, your group is required to meet weekly with Prof. Chong. You are required to submit a project proposal by Tuesday 29 September. At the end of the class (Dec 3), your group will give a presentation about your project, and submit a final paper by Wednesday Dec 9.

Project proposal

Project proposal is due Tuesday 29 Sep. It should be 1-3 pages outlining what you intend to do, and by when. Specifically, it should contain:

  • A summary of your project;
  • Background and related work (if appropriate, describe what is novel about your project);
  • A brief description of your proposed approach, and any other thoughts on how you will proceed;
  • A specific timeline of milestones that you plan to accomplish for your project.

Project presentation

Project presentations will be done in-class on Thursday Dec 3.

Final report

Final report is due Wednesday Dec 9. It should be in the style of a research conference paper, no longer than 12 pages in ACM SIGPLAN format. I strongly recommend using LaTeX to write your final report, even if it means learning LaTeX (which you should do sometime soon anyway). I'm happy to help with LaTeX questions.