Recruitment and Access

Goals: Establish practices that recruit a diverse pool of faculty, students, postdoctoral researchers, and staff with special attention given to increasing the number of females and underrepresented minorities included in the applicant pools and supporting the transition of all individuals into the SEAS community.

Examples of Areas of Focus:

  • Funding Opportunities such as Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants
  • Recruitment and Hiring Initiatives and Best Practices
  • Partnerships with Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs)
  • Onboarding process for faculty and staff



Kathryn Hollar, Director of Community Engagement and Diversity Outreach, Sub-committee Lead

Alexis Stokes, Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Raman Prasad, Senior Software Developer

Paul Karoff, Assistant Dean for Communications and Strategic Priorities

Heidi Shea, Human Resources Consultant

Gladys Prins, Faculty Coordinator

Tobias Egle, Material Science and Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student

Christina Qiu, Applied Mathematics Undergraduate, '19



If you are interested in serving on this subcommittees, please contact the SEAS Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at