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Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company or organization tap into Harvard's innovation ecosystem?

Harvard partners with industry in a number of ways. Whether your organization is interested in research, direct interaction with students and faculty, or partnership on multiple levels, the SEAS Office of Industry Partnerships will work with you to craft an engagement strategy that reflects your company’s interests.

Where can I go to explore licensing of innovations developed at Harvard?

Harvard’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) can help you to access groundbreaking research and innovations that meet your needs. The University has a strong track record of forging mutually beneficial relationships with industry partners who share our mission of translating University innovations into products and services that benefit the public. Explore innovations by research area, take a look at Harvard’s emerging startups, and contact Harvard OTD to start a conversation.

As an investor, where can I learn about emerging startups?

Harvard Office of Technology Development excels at convening leaders who have the vision to bring transformative technologies to market. Take a look at Harvard’s emerging startups and contact Harvard OTD to hear more about what’s on the horizon.

Harvard's Entrepreneurs benefit greatly from our proximity to Boston and the startup communities surrounding our campuses. Boston is a hub for innovation with highly active entrepreneurial ecosystems. Learn more about the resources available on campus and in the region through the resource lists below. 

Harvard Office of Technology Development list of resources: Resources for Entrepreneurs