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Undergraduate Program

Environmental Science and Engineering (ESE) is an interdisciplinary program with the goal of understanding, predicting, and responding to natural and human-induced environmental change. Addressing environmental issues such as global warming, stratospheric ozone depletion, or local and regional air and water pollution requires perspectives from a diverse set of scientific disciplines including atmospheric physics and chemistry, oceanography, glaciology, hydrology, geophysics, ecology, and biogeochemistry. We view the environment as a complex set of chemical, physical, and biological interactions, made even more complicated by the various activities of human society.

Through exploration of the underlying processes and feedbacks within the Earth system, and with a range of approaches from theory and modeling to experiments and observations, we train students to think about environmental processes in an integrated fashion, preparing them to manage the environmental challenges we face.

Environmental Science and Engineering - 2021 Fall Social

Environmental Science and Engineering 2021 Fall Social

ESE Declaration Info Sessions

Are you a sophomore interested in declaring for ESE? We have three different sessions that can help your decision making process:

1. ESE Virtual Info Session for Pre-Concentrators (11/2 8:00 -9:00 PM, Zoom Link)

  • A Zoom session to introduce our curriculum and how the plan-of-study form works. This would be a valuable session for those who are not yet sure if ESE is the right fit. Here are some of the topics that will be covered: AB/SB; career pathways after ESE; do I need a petition?; ESE 6; Sophomore Forum; ES 96/ES 100; post your other general questions here.

2. ESE In-person Event for Pre-concentrators (11/10 5:30-6:30 PM, Location MD G135)

  • Meet other pre-concentrators and ESE juniors/seniors over dinner. Ask questions about which classes they enjoyed, how they planned their courses, and what they love about their ESE AB/SB. If you have a specific topic or area of interest and would like to speak to a current concentrator working in that area, please reply to this email with your interest area. I will do my best to invite a current student who can provide some big-sibling wisdom. If you are interested in attending please, RSVP by 11/5 (so that we don’t waste food).

3. SEAS-wide Engineering Sophomore Advising Event (11/15 6:00-7:00 PM, SEC Lower Level 2 Atrium)

  • Being part of ESE means that you are part of SEAS. Learn about MechE, EE, and BioE, and check out if their courses can complement your plan of study. Please RSVP for we can order enough food. 


Do you have questions about our program? Contact our ADUS!

Bryan Yoon (Ph.D.) is the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies in Environmental Science and Engineering. With an undergraduate degree in environmental planning and graduate degrees in ecosystem biogeochemistry, Bryan has research and teaching experience in a variety of topics in environmental sciences. Whether you are thinking about joining ESE or looking for someone to discuss your thesis ideas, Bryan’s here to help you and listen to you. For questions, please email If you would like to meet with Bryan, please use this Calendly link or stop by his office during his office hours (Fall 2021 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM, Pierce 117).