Space Update - April 2015

An update on design, construction, and space changes across SEAS

In Programming and Design

  • To minimize risk of vibration to CNS from the McKay air handling unit project, a second vibration study was performed on March 19. Test results are pending and will be shared with the lab groups and with CNS. Project bid submissions by general contractors were received at the end of March and descoping/contract negotiations are in process.
  • Design for the McKay 201 student office is continuing with Bob Westervelt. The schedule for renovation changes to begin is targeted for mid-Spring.
  • Bidding for the Pierce Chilled Water Loop Improvement project is in progress. Work is being planned for late Spring.
  • A design team has been engaged for the McKay electrical upgrade project. Development will continue through April and May.
  • Program review for Allston concluded in March. Adjacency and pricing studies will be ongoing this Spring. The four working groups focusing on various parts of the program continued to meet in March and provided helpful feedback for program space related to Classrooms, Community Space, Shared Research Facilities, and Teaching Design Labs. Studies regarding staff office space and food services are ongoing.
  • Design development and pricing for the Cruft roof and skylight replacement project are continuing. The current design of the skylight is expected to improve thermal performance and energy efficiency in the 4th-floor space. The project schedule is still targeted for construction to take place during the summer months.
  • Planning has begun to accommodate lab and office space for a new ESE faculty member, Frank Keutsch, and his group members arriving this year.
  • To assess long-term renewal costs, exterior masonry facades were evaluated at ESL, Pierce, Cruft, and McKay in early March. As a result of these evaluations, the need for testing of the Cruft exterior stonework is being reviewed. Field testing may be required to evaluate the long-term integrity of the exterior stonework.
  • A group reviewing future office space for staff at Allston began meeting in February and will continue to meet through April. The following representatives are part of this working group: G. Timothy Bowman, Anas Chalah, Gabriele Fariello, Tim Fater, Meg Hastings, David Hwang, Paul Karoff, Jill Larson, Marina Magid, Pamela Choi Redfern, Arlene Stevens, and Leslie Tellalian.

In Construction

  • The continued snow and cold weather in March delayed testing for the ESL roof. Formal construction completion is pending this warranty testing.
  • Enabling moves in Lab 301 in ESL (for the renovations to Lab 305) are near complete. Elaine Construction is anticipated to mobilize on site in early April.
  • Occupant directories (for faculty and staff) via QR code readers for SEAS buildings have been installed in the lobby areas of MD, Pierce, McKay, ESL, and 60 Oxford Street.

Space Changes

  • We are currently reviewing preparations for new arrivals and evaluating space options for departures anticipated after this Spring semester.