Building Emergency Contact Information

During Business Hours

For SEAS building emergencies not involving medical issues, during business hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) call the Facilities Office at 617-495-2840.

Starting July 1st, please use the Work Order System. You will need your Harvard Key to access the site. 

After Business Hours - Facilities issues

For after hours facilities issues, call the Facilities Maintenance Operations 24-hour line, 617-495-5560. You may be dealing with such problems as:

  • fire or smoke (be sure to activate the closest fire alarm)
  • chemical spills or odors
  • breakdowns in plumbing, electrical system, or heating and air conditionin

After Business Hours - Security issues

For after hours security issues, call SEAS Securitas at 973-524-4694.

Medical, Health, or Safety Issues 

For SEAS building emergencies involving medical issues or immediate threats or personal health or safety:

  • Call 911. 
  • Notify the Facilities Maintenance Operations 24-hour line, 617-495-5560.
  • Call the Harvard University’s Police Department at 617-495-1212, (495-1212 from a campus phone).
For additional and complete information, refer to In Case of Emergency.

Fire Safety

Please take a moment to review the standard fire safety procedures as well as the Emergency Exit Routes that are posted in the hallways so that you're familiar with the primary and secondary exit routes and the designated meeting places for each building. Below are the designated meeting areas for SEAS buildings.

  • Gordon McKay Labs front lawn Pierce Hall
  • Pierce Hall front lawn Pierce Hall
  • Maxwell Dworkin front lawn Pierce Hall
  • Cruft Labs back parking lot Pierce Hall
  • ESL front lawn Conant Hall
  • 60 Oxford St. front lawn Perkins Hall

Non-Emergency Contact Information

For other, less time sensitive issues, you can:

  • Call the SEAS Facilities Office at 5-2840; Fax: 617-384-8128
  • Send email queries to
  • Visit the Facilities Office at Pierce Hall G3E 29 Oxford Street Cambridge MA