The SEAS Facilities Office is responsible for a wide array of activities that support everyday operations at SEAS.

Facilities Staff

Building Manager(s)

Don Claflin
Pierce Hall G5
(617) 384-7205

Adam Gillis
Pierce Hall G3I
(617) 496-8544

Building Services Assistant

Jason Ortega
Pierce Hall G3E
(617) 495-2840


Custodial Staff

Philip Alvarado
Campus Services Custodial DAY Manager
Pierce G3C
Office: 617-495-5597 Cellphone: 617-312-2489

Walter Portugal
Campus Services Custodial Night Manager
Pierce G3C
Office: 617-495-0335 Cellphone: 617-413-7368

Miguel Feliciano, Crew Chief (1st shift)
Fredy Sola, Crew Chief (2nd shift)

Esperanza Castro
Rafael Guerrero
Alirio Medina
Rafael Reyes
Jose Rivera
Bedardo Sola
Oscar Sola
Joe Sullivan

Custodians are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of offices, classrooms, conference rooms, labs, bathrooms, and common areas and the set-up of classrooms and conference rooms.

Space Planning and Design

Executive Director of Space Planning and Design

Pamela Choi Redfern
Pierce Hall 210A
(617) 496-3238

Capital Project Manager


Campus Planning and Space Planning Coordinator

Dina Adams-LeBlanc
Pierce Hall G3I
(617) 496-4380