Office Equipment

Harvard Phone

To arrange phone service for your SEAS office, contact or call 5-7777

Student requests for phone service must be initiated by a faculty member. When you are requesting phone service, please be ready to inform us of any special needs, e.g., voice mail.

The SEAS Facilities Office contacts HUIT Telecommunictions Operations (5-4900) to process these requests.

For installation of phones, please expect to wait at least a week. When a new jack needs to be installed, expect a lead time of up to fifteen business days.

Basic Phone Functions

To create and send a message:

  • From the main voice mail menu, press 2.
  • Record your message and then press #.
  • Enter the recipient's mailbox number or the 2-digit number for a distribution list or a Guest or Home mailbox.
  • Specify any delivery options such as Private, Urgent, or Message Confirmation.
  • Press # to send the message.

NOTE: Once you press # and the message has been sent, you cannot retrieve it. 

To reach your voice mailbox:

If you are calling from your campus phone:

  • Dial 5-8168.
  • Listen for the prompt and then enter your password.

If you are dialing from any other campus phone or an off-campus phone:

  • Dial 5-8168 from a campus phone or 617-495-8168 from any other TouchTone phone.
  • Press # to indicate you are a subscriber.
  • Enter your 5-digit mailbox number.
  • Enter your password.
  • Either of these procedures takes you to the voicemail main menu.
  • To cancel an operation or "back out" of the system, press * until you reach the main menu.
  • To review or re-record an outgoing message, press 1 after recording the message and before entering the recipient's mailbox number.

For further information about services and products (including manuals on all phone models found at the University), contact University Information Systems,

Copy Machines

(Located in Pierce 220(Pierce/MD Bridge), Pierce 107G, MD 214, ESL 3rd fl, 60 Ox 3rd fl, McKay 105)

To get a code for use of copy machines in your SEAS department, visit the Facilities Office (Pierce G3E) or request this information via email to or phone 5-2840. 

You will be asked to submit a form to the Facilities Office in order to receive the code. Your SEAS department may also provide the copy machine code.

Instructions for use of the copy machine are usually posted on the machine itself. For assistance in using copy machines, call Jason Ortega in the Facilities Office (5-2840). These staff members may also be contacted in the event of paper jams, other equipment breakdowns, or toner change/spills.


The Facilities Office does not handle issues related to IT. For help with computer hardware, software, and network issues, contact the SEAS Office of Information Technology, 5-7777,, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For problems with downloaded (licensed) computer software, contact the FAS Information Technology service desk, 6-2727,