Sustainability at SEAS

Harvard has long been working in many areas to reduce its environmental impacts. Below are a list of activities happening right here at SEAS. Get involved!

Green Teams

Green Teams are small groups of staff, faculty, and students in a department, building, or office who work on projects to make their office more sustainable.

Green Teams work at their own pace and have been very effective as they know which projects should be implemented in their respective areas.

We encourage you to join your colleagues at SEAS and those in related departments like Physics and EPS to spearhead an effort to make our campus a showcase for best practices.

If you want to join the local green team (activities will range from raising awareness to tackling specific projects), get in touch with Kate Zirpolo directly.

Local Contact

Adam Gillis
Pierce G3C
(617) 496-8544

Campus Greenhouse Gas Reduction

On July 8, President Faust issued a statement on the new report by the Harvard Greenhouse Gas Task Force. In her statement, she announced intention to proceed with several recommendations from the Task Force.

Among others, these include: the pursuit of a comprehensive program to reduce Harvard's emissions, with a primary emphasis on Harvard's own operations; a short-term goal of a 30% reduction of emissions below 2006 levels by 2016; the establishment of administration and staff support to meet the goals; and commitment to sustainability teaching and research to generate knowledge that can benefit the rest of the world.

Each school at Harvard is taking part in meeting these goals. At SEAS, our efforts are aligned to improving efficiencies in labs as well as in buildings through the campus.

Efforts already underway include:

  • Efficient lighting
  • Green cleaning products
  • Automated energy management (in Maxwell Dworkin)
  • Motion-detection lights
  • Renovations with eco-friendly practices (new IT offices)
  • Best Lab Practices for Greening Your Lab


Local Contacts

Don Claflin
Pierce G5
(617) 384-7205

Adam Gillis
Pierrce G3C
(617) 496-8544


Are you commuting by bike? Swapping out old bulbs for new? Finding innovative ways to green your lab? Inventing a novel form of clean energy?

If so, the Harvard Office for Sustainability would like to know about your efforts toward sustainability.


Paul Karoff
Pierce 211A
(617) 496-0450

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The Office for Sustainability is continuously creating new resources.  Please check the website periodically for new materials or connect with an OFS representative from your school.