How do I obtain a Harvard ID?

After you fill out an I9 and federal and state tax forms, a member of Human Resource Services will contact you with an ID number within three days. Once you have an ID number, you may go to Identification & Data Services at Holyoke Center Room 953 and your picture ID will be issued immediately. The office, which is located at 1350 Massachusetts Ave., is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am until 4:45 pm. You may call the ID office at 5-3322.

How do I get a SEAS email account?

SEAS IT has a standard online form to enable you to request an account.

How do I get my office and building keys?

To obtain an office, building keys, and entrance access through your ID card, please work with the Facilities Office. Also refer to new hire preparation guidelines.

How and when do I get paid?  If I don’t get paid, what should I do?

Most Harvard faculty have their paychecks deposited directly to their accounts, electronically. Faculty tend to be paid monthly.

How do I receive a Harvard start-up spending account number?

This will happen only after your ID number has been assigned.

When will I get information about my medical and dental insurance, and other benefits?

Shortly after you begin employment, you should receive in the mail an information packet from the University's Benefits Services. On your first day at work, you will be given the date of the University's Benefits Orientation, which you should attend within two weeks of your start date. If you have benefits-related questions or concerns, call the Benefits office at 6-4001.

How do I get a computer?

SEAS IT will work with you to purchase an appropriate computer.

How do I get a parking spot?

Please see Parking and Commuting at Harvard.

How do I apply for summer salary? 

Notices are mailed in late March or early April.

How do I arrange leaves? 

Tenured faculty are eligible for leaves after six months in service at Harvard University. Usually non-tenured faculty are not eligible for paid leave.

What are the rules for parental leaves? 

For each of two new children in a family, junior faculty may add a year to the pre-tenure review period. Faculty may also apply for “relief from teaching,” if they serve as the primary care-giver in the family. Relief from teaching pertains to one academic term.

How do I hire post docs?


How do I hire teaching assistants?

The SEAS Office of Academic Programs coordinates teaching assistants.

How do I learn about the process of graduate school admissions and identify graduate students to work with me?

The Office of Academic Programs coordinates graduate admissions for SEAS.

How will office assistants be assigned to me?

Please coordinate office assistants with HR.

How do I learn about submitting research grant proposals?

Please work with the Office of Research Administration.

How do I add courses to the Harvard University catalog?

Please work with Assistant Dean for Academic Programs.

If I’m having problems with teaching and research, where can I turn for support?

As a first step, please contact the relevant area dean.

How do I apply for awards like the NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) and Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships?


How do I change my visa status? For example, how do I get my visa extended if I’m going to stay in the U.S. for a longer period that I had originally anticipated? 

For more information see: Harvard International Office.

What are other sources for additional information?

A good deal of valuable information, relating to employee benefits, can be found on the HARVie website. HARVie is Harvard University's intranet resource for employees. You may log on to HARVie using your Harvard ID # and PIN. On HARVie you will find information about working at the University, including your employment contract as well as Harvard news.