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Corporate Card one page overview

Harvard's Corporate Card (also referred to as the Travel and Entertainment Card) - is the primary payment method for travel expenses incurred by Harvard employees.

Harvard University reimburses for necessary and reasonable travel expenses incurred while conducting University business.  Employees traveling on University business or incurring entertainment or non-travel business expenses on behalf of the University are responsible for complying with all University policies and procedures.  Individuals should exercise the same if not greater prudence and care in incurring expenses for the university as they would for their own personal expenses. 

For information on how to apply for a Corporate Card please contact Noemis Ortiz in the Financial Operations office

SEAS Corporate Card Guidelines

Purpose: To ensure sound business practices and proper reporting of business expenses.

Corporate Card Program:  The Corporate Card is the primary payment vehicle for all travel business expenses incurred by Harvard employees. 

Eligibility:  Full time, paid, benefits eligible employees who will take at least three business trips per year and/or incur greater than $5,000 in  entertainment expenses.

Appropriate Use of Corporate Card: Expenses charged to the corporate card should only be those of the employee for air and rail travel, lodging, car rental, meals, entertainment and business travel miscellaneous expenses.  Harvard University business travel for non-employees is allowed with the Manager of Financial Operation's pre-approval (email  with the explanation of business purpose before travel is booked). No expenses for family members should be charged to the university corporate card, unless valid business purpose is met (see Travel Policy Appendix F:Guidance for Spousal/Family Member Travel ).

Inappropriate Use of the Corporate Card:  Including but not limited to:

  • Personal expenses such as (family members accompanying employee on business)
  • Non-travel or entertainment business expenses
  • Expenses to be reimbursed by a third party
  • Any expense that may seem taxable or reportable (gift certificates, tangible gift over $75.00, relocation expenses)
  • Pre-payment of contracts for major conferences or events

Responsibility of Employee:

  • Adhere to University policy
  • Pay all charges on time
  • Reconcile monthly statements
  • Liable for all transactions including late fees and penalties
  • Understand that in the event of any inappropriate use of the card, for example personal use, the employee will be required to make full reimbursement to Harvard for the amount inappropriately charged, and the employee may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Responsibility of Employee upon Termination:

  • Pay all outstanding charges
  • Cancel all recurring charges
  • Cancel Card
  • Return card to administrator

The Corporate Card Administrator has the ability to suspend or terminate Corporate Card privileges in instances of misuse. Improper use of the Corporate Card can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Citibank Corporate Card Payment Processing 

  • An individual incurs reimbursable Citibank Corporate Card charges while traveling or entertaining on University business and submits the receipts for payment. Any non-reimbursable expenses should be paid directly to Citibank by the individual cardholder.
  • The preparer creates an expense report in Concur, including all required receipts, and submits it to his or her approver online.
  • The approver checks the receipts and online expense report to make sure that everything is correct and in compliance with University policy, then approves the request for payment and submits the expense report and receipts to the Travel Office.
  • The Travel Office reviews the expense report, and then audits the expenses on the request against policy requirements and tax regulations. If the request passes this audit, payment will be sent directly to CITIBANK on behalf of the cardholder.


  • The Concur training site provides instructions on how to process a Corporate Card payment in Concur.
  • This Assigning Authorized User document provides step-by-step instructions on how to allow you to provide others access to CitiManager to view account information. 
  • This Document will walk you through how to set alerts to notify you when certain events take place  CitiManager Cardholder Alert.

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Corporate Card:

Citibank Customer Service

  • Phone: 1-800-248-4553
  • Phone: 1-904-954-7314 (when calling from outside the US) 

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