Payment Request - Invoice Payments

Invoice Payments (Payment Request)

When you cannot submit a pre-commitment requisition (ex. when the vendor does not accept purchase orders or you're paying for a service/order that has already been completed) you will need to pay the invoice using Payment Request. Please do not forget to attach the invoice to the request and to send the approved invoice with the Payment Request number on it to Central AP for payment.

If invoices have not hit your detailed listing after 10 business days please call AP customer service 5-8500 option 1 to determine if a second copy should be submitted.  Please do not automatically re-send an invoice as this may be treated as a duplicate invoice (slows down the system for everyone).  

Payment Request Process Documents:

Harvard’s policy is that all vendor invoices are paid 30 days from the date of the invoice unless a specific reason (e.g. vendor discount) warrants deviation from these terms and has been approved in advance.